Our team has been traveling for years—and by years, I mean decades. (127 years and counting!) Our team has experienced all highs that come with travel. The butterflies you feel when you land in a brand-new destination and feel that instant connection. The amazement when you discover a spot not so high on your list that completely blows you away. The taste of local cuisine that no matter how hard you try, you can’t find or recreate it from home. 

And on the flip side, we’ve also experienced the lows that are often just unavoidable. Lost bags, cancelled flights, trip disruptions—you name it. Even just last week a group of Advisors dealt with cancelled flights that turned into a 10-hour bus ride because of a volcano eruption—talk about something completely beyond anyone’s control!

But no matter what lows may comes our way, the overall high from the anticipation leading up to a trip to the excitement of exploring a new destination (or re-falling in love with an old one), and the memories made keep us traveling as much as we can! Through all these adventures, we’ve learned a lot of things worth sharing. Here are a few things to remember while traveling:  

1. Try something new

Don’t be afraid to get outside of your comfort zone, even if it’s just a toe. Order a local delicacy that’s not available in your home town. Ride a bike, go on a hike, zipline, stand-up paddleboard—whatever it is, just do it!

2. Drink water

Whether it be tap water, sparkling water, bottled water, water from fontanelle, drink it! Flying dehydrates you. Travel gets you off your routine. Do your body a favor and stay hydrated.

3. Go with the flow

Flights get delayed, traffic happens, bags get lost—it’s all part of the travel experience. As frustrating as it may be (and believe us, we know it can be very frustrating), it is important to take a deep breath and go with the flow. And keep in mind—when you’re booking with a Brownell Advisor, we’ve got your back.

4. Embrace New Cultures

When you travel, you see and experience new ways of living. Some look fabulous…some not so much. But not matter how you feel about the different culture, embrace it and learn about it. If nothing at all, you’ll learn to appreciate your own way of living that much more.

5. Relax

Your vacation is your time to relax. If you decide you want to spend the entire day in your comfy hotel bed, do it. Don’t worry about what you think you should do, and take advantage of the trip to do what you want to do.

6. Breathe

And breathe deeply—inhale and exhale. You’ll feel the stress of life back at home slip away as the fresh air of a new destination fills your lungs. There’s a reason they teach you to focus on your breath in yoga…it really does relax you!

7. Explore on foot

One of the best ways to get a feel for a destination is to walk around. You’ll see things you would miss in a taxi.

8. Schedule down time

Don’t spend time rushing from tour to tour and stressing along the way. Plan an afternoon to enjoy your fabulous hotel or to wander through the neighborhood. Some of the best memories come from unplanned experiences.

9. Sunscreen

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to be on a Caribbean island or in a city—sunscreen is always a must. Find a good moisturizer with SPF in it or put on straight SPF 70—just wear it!

10. Pack What You Need

Some people need more clothing options to be able to #12 and not stress about what to wear. If having that extra pair of shoes helps you sleep a little better, pack them. Pack how you like to pack and have no regrets. That being said, don’t go hog wild and pack your entire closet—there are weight limits and baggage fees after all!

11. Bring comfortable shoes

Sure you have some great wedges that you can wear all day at work or booties that are so fabulous. But after a day of walking (sometimes running) through the airport, to the parking lot, around a city, you’ll want to set those shoes on fire. Pack some that are truly comfortable, and save the heeled ones for the evening. And good news—cute running shoes are in! See how to wear them here.

12. Enjoy every moment and don’t have regrets

Eat what you want to eat; exercise or don’t exercise; buy a souvenir or just savor the memories.  However you spend your time, enjoy it. Savor it. Soak it all in.