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These 125 Brain Teasers for Kids Will Beat Boredom and Keep Them Occupied for Hours

With coronavirus and a nationwide quarantine still in effect, keeping your kids entertained day after day is growing to become quite the challenge. But luckily, this big list of printable brain teasers for kids is here to help. These brain teasers for kids (with answers included—don’t worry!) will provide your child—and you!—with hours of educational entertainment. While you’re at it, be sure

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Cretaceous ‘terror crocodile’ crushed dinosaurs with banana-size teeth

This enormous predator had jaws powerful enough to subdue massive dinosaur prey. A Deinosuchus, an ancient crocodylian with banana-size teeth, lunges at an Albertosaurus dinosaur. (Image: © National Geographic Image Collection / Alamy Stock Photo) An enormous Cretaceous crocodile relative hunted dinosaurs, ripping them apart using powerful jaws lined with teeth "the size of bananas," researchers

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